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Welcome to the Lethbridge Orff Chapter 

The Lethbridge Chapter of Carl Orff Canada is part of a national organization of over one thousand music educators, dedicated to an exciting and invigorating approach to music education.

We follow the national organization in promoting and encouraging the development of a holistic music education program for children based on the pedagogy of Carl Orff.

Our mission is to facilitate conferences and workshops for our members that focus on providing quality music education to children.


1985 - 2017

The Orff Approach

The Orff - Shulwerk Method

The Orff approach to music eduction is a creative teaching method that combines all aspects of the performing arts. A sense of play and active music-making occur through the child's total involvement in rhythm, movement, speech, chant, mime, drama, singing, playing instruments and improvisation. It's a learning setting in which each child's creativity is nurtured and self-esteem is built up.

This is music for the whole person and is related to every area of the child's school experience.

Upcoming Events

Keep These Events on Your Calendar

Orff Lethbridge sponsors a number of events and professional development activities each year. Check out the upcoming events.


Books and Resources Related to the Orff Program

The society has a number of valuable Orff related resources available for borrowing.


Online Resources

Online Orff resources are numerous and invaluable. Check these out!

Upcoming Events

Monday October 2, 2017. 9am - 3:30pm

“To Drum! To Dance! To Play!” 

Presented by Chris Judah-Lauder

Explore techniques, improvisation and sequenced process for creating and playing successful and exciting student compositions. Hand drums, congas, barred instruments, and other surprises will provide the foundation for creation with a strong emphasis on cooperative learning. Bring a soprano recorder to this fun and creative workshop!

                                    Status        Early Bird            Regular                        

                       (before or on September 8)   (after September 8)

Members             $70                 $85

Non-members    $95               $110

Students            $30                 $30 

Holy Spirit Division Office, second level.  620 12th Street "B" North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2L7    

To register for the workshop please send your information to  Megan Peeke-Vout at



1. Discovering Orff: A curriculum for Music Teachers by Jane Frazee with Kent Kreuter 

2. An Orff Mosaic from Canada edited by Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming 


1. Every Child's Right featuring Oscar Peterson 

2. English Country Dances for Children by Marth Chrisman Riley 

3. Musica Con Molto


1. Carmina Burana by Carl Orff 


1. Drumming by David Thiaw

*Members of the Lethbridge Orff Chapter are free to borrow these resources.